Life is a puzzle and we live each day trying to put the pieces together

Daily Blurt: Today



Today it’s a new day I’m yet to concur, despite all the bumps and bruises I have endured on my way towards a career change, I’m still standing strong than ever. I reckon that all my experiences and failures are symbolic in this journey of mine.

Today I will soldier on and face this nice sunny day, I promise myself not to falter in any way. I will do my part as a responsible citizen of the world, because I am strong and ambitious.

Today is a whole different day with new challenges to face, but nothing scares me anymore, nothing shakes away my confidence, nothing has the power to bend my beautiful mind in some twisted form, because I am strong and ambitious like a soldier ready to concur the enemy.

Yep! That’s my take on life and nothing will ever deter me from reaching the goals I have set for myself.

Earth Day


Oh earth! Today we salute you for all your undivided love

You are the source of our daily dose of oxygen

You grow the trees for us so they can clean out

All the toxic air we put out in the air

As humans sometimes we get carried out

And cause harm to you our lovely earth




Your landscape is a wonder of nature

So beautiful and it hurts to see you filled

With plastic that destroys your rhythm of

Life cycle



Today: Our dear earth, we celebrate you

And we bring awareness to how important

you’re to the cycle of life

Earth, we salute you for all

The goodness of life.

Happy Earth Day everybody!

RHOA Reunion: Porsha charges on Kenya Moore




Last night the reunion show of the Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) turned into a brawl as Porsha charged on Kenya like a wild cat. The whole fight was incited by Kenya, who kept on taunting Porcha with annoying silly remarks, and drove Porsha to lose her mind by acting like a classless woman on steroids.

It was a perfect setup by Kenya and Porsha fell through into the trap. The whole season we have seen Kenya mastermind plans to make other women scoop low and act like idiots, while she acted as if she was the victim all along. I’m pretty sure last night when she provoked Porsha, she knew what she was doing, and her plan might have just worked out, because I think Porsha might end up not coming back to the show. We just have to wait and see.

Why is it that most black women on these reality shows behave like thugs? It’s a pity that they continue to portray the same stereotypical image we are trying to not associate ourselves with, the image set by hollywood of an angry black woman. Ladies, if you want respect, why not respect yourselves and stop acting like wild animals especially when you are on television like that. Elevate your images with self-respect.


Seasons Change



With time: Seasons change, so do we

Yesterday’s Fall brings today’s Spring

Boosting the trees with bountiful green leaves

A signal of growth and new beginnings


Seasons change as with time, so do our goals

Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a new day

Like trees we get winded by the harsh weather

Of each season, but with deep roots and great stamina

We endure to live another day and don’t give up


Seasons change and in time our aspirations

Open the gates of the astronomical zeal to stand strong

The strength bestowed on us from the very beginning

Because we are on a special journey to a great destiny

Tomorrow is a step closer to quench our thirsty


Seasons change and yesterday’s mistake is history

Tomorrow is the future waiting to be discovered

Tomorrow is a new day bundled with

Blissful sweet smells to rock your world

Because when seasons change, you change too

A Glee Moment




Alderwood Mall


She glides across the room

Waving her hands in the air

Her walk exudes confidence

Her smile lights up the room

It’s a glee moment


It’s a glee moment to see people like her

It’s glee moment to be in the presence

Of people who see the good in others

It’s a glee moment to be the one

Putting smiles back on people’s faces


It’s a glee moment to be the dose of joy

It’s a glee moment be the one able

To light up the whole room

It’s a glee moment to look at life

In a positive way and keep moving along


It’s a glee moment to overcome

All the lows of life and just

Keep on gliding with confidence

All the way to the finish line

With a wide smile that makes every moment

A glee moment



Enchantress (Book Review)


Enchantress has a cinematic feel to it and as you read, it probes you to think beyond the fantastic adventures author James Maxwell paints for you, and it is somehow congruent to our own world. How we do with power, the whole premise is mainly about hegemony. Who has what and which country is not supposed to possess this powerful weapon and so on.

In Enchantress, we see regions fighting and forming allies, while at the same time some allies are broken because of fear of being destroyed by the Primates who possess the most Essence that can destroy a whole nation in a blink of an eye if used carelessly. Essence simply symbolizes nuclear, a powerful weapon that can create havoc on an entire generation. Also Maxwell talks about the Lexicon, Runes, Lore, and the Enchanters, these symbolizes authority all rather power of the others. Then there is the Dunfolk who are viewed as primitive because they preserved their traditions and refuse to be corrupted by the outside world. Maxwell writes, “Dunfolk: We may think them primitive, but they have learned more about the use of medicinal herbs and plants than any of our battlefield surgeons.” Doesn’t that sound familiar? Of course it does, we are too quick to judge those who have chosen to follow their cultural beliefs and think them as primitive all rather backward people. It is important to remember that because of hegemony, some societies are losing touch with their own languages and traditions or in the name of following the civilized worlds, as such putting themselves in a vulnerable situation.

Overall, it’s a great read.

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