Life is a puzzle and we live each day trying to put the pieces together

Side Line



On the side line I stand in shock as I watch the fall of human nature
Terrorized with immense fear
I hear men, women, and children cry in disarray
The enemy so malicious that it can take a human’s soul in just a matter of minutes
Ebola virus is the invisible enemy we face today
So merciless as it annihilate anything in its way

On the sidelines I stand as sweat drips down my forehead
I ask: “Is this it my Lord?”

On the sideline
I see man is on his hands and knees
Praying for the end of the wicked Ebola epidemic

On the sidelines I see pits of hell
Pulling lives to the devilish burning fires of Ebola

On the sidelines it dark and cold
As voices that once sang with vigor are no more
Faces that once blessed the face of earth with vibrant spirits, are no more

What now, you worthless Ebola?
Why do you terrorize humans?

On the sidelines, I refuse to remain terrorized
I will gather my strength and raise my fist till your are defeated
It’s only a matter of time, Ebola!
Soon you will be overcome like many other past epidemics

Rearview Mirror


Buoyant about what awaits ahead

I courageously take the wheel

And drive into the red sunset

To fill my tank with springs of wisdom


I peer through my rearview mirror

And see the fragile imagery of me

Crumbling down into the heat of summer

Wiping sweat from my somber brows


Today I put my foot on the pedal

And accelerate to new heights

Leaving all of my yesterday

Submerged in the rearview mirror


I joyously sigh for relief

Suddenly sparks the realization of a utopian destiny

Where pain and hatred is foreign

But love prevails and shines like the red sunset







Waking up to yet a beautiful day

I force myself to face the day with new insights

But I feel no strength to welcome this new day

For my strength is melting away in the morning mist

Leaving me chained to my own inhibitions


My stomach swells with toxic fumes of inhibitions

Slowly, the toxic inhibitions shatter my world

With a loud bang that leave my self-worth dismantled

As sparks of negative energy swallow my positive thinking


I spurt fear, and claim the hand of courage

As I walk forth in light of content

I can see clearly and embrace my self-worth

Because I have decided to let go of all my inhibitions


I reject all inhibitions

I denounce finding comfort on the bathroom floor

I accept challenges of life

I free myself from all forms of inhibitions

I find my global self-worth well-balanced

And when I fall, I fall on a solid foundation


Inhibitions will not claim any part of me

My grip on global self-worth is what keeps me stay afloat

As I disgorge all that holds me back

And free my self by elevating my self-concept




Broken Glass



Broken glass, broken promises

Yesterday you slipped through my figures

And came tumbling down into million pieces

Rocking my world with echoes of discontent


Today is a new day

Beckoning on a new tomorrow

With triumphant songs of new beginnings

Paving the way to fresh promises of the ‘morrow


Mending that which was once broken

And giving a new insightful look to life

Like a blooming garden

Delighting the eye with new growth


Broken glass

Gone with the shackles of yesterday

Kiss today with invigorating promises of tomorrow

Because today is a new day









Celestial Bodies: The Mighty Wonders




I am the moon that lights up your night

To steer darkness away from you

And bring the magnificent light of joy in your path


I am the star that twinkle your sky

And shine light in every direction you take

For I watch over you all the time


I am the Sun that warms you up on cold days

I embrace you with warm cuddly kisses

And put a big smile on your face


I am the earth that centers you

And give you proper gravity to stand on

I welcome you feet to graciously tread on me


Celestial Bodies: The mighty wonders

The divinity powers of heaven

The protectors and supporters of all earthly living things

All man is equal under the principles of celestial bodies

Ghastly Winds



Ghastly winds come powering through your sunny days

Turning them into chills of sadness

As the sounds of laughter evaporate into thin air

Turning your days sullen and your cold nights morbid


Rebuke the ghastly winds that roam all over you

You call upon familiar sounds of happy days

Reject the sight of comfortless days and nights

Raise your voice and sing songs of joy to the universe

Stamp your feet in celebration of your life


Your fate is in your hands

You either wallow down with the ghastly winds

Or fill your stratosphere with gayly moments

As your eyes shine bright like the beautiful sunshine

For you hold the power to transform your gloomy days into sunny days









Borrowed Times



I reconcile my yesterday with my today

And continue my quest of life’s new discoveries

In a world covered with traces of winter snow

The night is still, dark, and lurks with shadows of the dead

The air is dry and unkind to the senses

My body longs for sprinkles of rain

It longs for the purity of air to touch my lungs

For my borrowed times are closing in


I dream of the beautiful rainbow up in the sky

Looking down on earth with a biggest smile

Capable of releasing the chains of doubt

Possessed by the heart filled with revenge upon the other

But the rainbow, only the rainbow will breathe kindness to all

Bringing laughter where there was none

And fulfill the cause of togetherness

For my borrowed times near


Today, I propel forward with all my mighty

To find solace in the calm summer rain

Pouring down on my body

Drenching every inch of my body

Still, I stand in reminiscence of the midday summer

Of yesterday when the sunshine sent sparks of heat

All through my joints

Awaking memories of laughter and kindness


Borrowed times are a reminder to cease the day

And live with a purpose to rekindle the heart

Because nothing is big enough to impede my journey

Not even the heat will slow me down

As I reconcile my yesterday with my today

While I march forward to my tomorrow

With a new insight on life

For my borrowed times are on the verge of lapsing



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