Life is a puzzle and we live each day trying to put the pieces together

What Now?


I have been here, done that, but nothing seems to change

I ask myself, what now?

What direction am I taking?

Do I stick to the familiar or take a chance and step on a totally different path?

These are some of the questions lingering in my head right now, while my body floats from day-to-day.

It’s 2015, what trajectory do I want to follow? I know change is inevitable this year, because I believe wholeheartedly that it is the right thing to do for the goodness of my soul. Even though change can be scary at times, but I am so pumped about what is ahead of me this year of drastic change. I believe whatever it is, I will be able to handle it with all my strength, and cheers to embracing change!



I have known times filled with laughter

I have known days decorated in beautiful colors

I have known days adorned with amazing sunsets

I have known sounds of birds chirping in the neighborhood

I have known days filled with the sight of kids playing in the backyard

But today, those familiars sounds are so far-fetched

They are memories of a happy past

A past I long to get back to after this arduous storm

Oh I have known of days so kind and rich to my soul

I have known days as bright as the sun

I have known days of adventure

I have known days filled with strength and drive

I long to wake up from this storm and embrace the space of calmness

A storm that has stolen all my good memories and replaced them with dark cold ones

A storm so unfriendly that it has shaken my core beliefs

I have known days, yes beautiful days of my happy life.

Facebook Rooms


Rooms by Facebook: First and foremost, what is Rooms? Rooms is a feed of photos, videos, and texts with a topic that describes what will be discussed in your room.

Recently Facebook introduced a new app called Rooms to be a creative force behind those creative minds. The whole idea with  Rooms is to allow users be whoever they want to be and if they chooses to use fake names they can, because in rooms you don’t have to adhere to the constraints of everyday life. When it comes to rooms you can explore your creative mind because it is your space and you have the power to control who you choose to join you in your quarters. Basically you can customize member permission and carry on with your business.

Remember the ironies of communication technology by David P. Nord, that states, “technology is never new as people imagine,” because there’s always precursors. Thus, the precursor for Facebook Rooms is the chatrooms and boardrooms where strangers would talk about various topics and make connections.

Maybe for all you creative minds, lets revisit history and see what we can improve on and make it look so new and appealing!


Seahawks Defense Steps Up

The Seattle Seahawks won 13-6 over the Panthers on Sunday in a game that felt like it was going to go either way, after the offense scored a touch down which basically sealed a Seahawks win, the defense stepped-up and saved the day by containing Cam Newton from unleashing his superman weaponry.

Lets face it, the game was so painful to watch with all the crazy mistakes that could have cost them the game. Now its time to look past all that has been weighing on the team and go on and win some football.

Thanks again to the Seattle defense for working together as a team to the save the day.

Kindled Spirit


Oh my Kindled spirit…

Every morning I wake is a million blessing in the stars

Every step I take is a definition of my success

Every storm I stumble upon is a signifier for greatness

Every pain I go through is a shield for strength

Every person I come into contact is an angel in disguise

Every smile I let out is a twinkle in the skies

Oh kindled spirit continue to sprinkle the showers of blessings upon me!

Seahawks Vs. Broncos: The Game of Life Lessons

sea vs bron  russ


As I was watching the Seahawks and Broncos game, I suddenly had an epiphany about life lessons we need to take into consideration. First and foremost, no matter what you do, never ever feel comfortable in your position because things can turn ugly at any moment. For example, the Seahawks had a good lead over the Broncos and thought that they had the game all tucked away with only 59 seconds left to play, little did they know that Manning and the Broncos would comeback and send the game into overtime.

Fortunate for the Seahawks, they had to fight hard under pressure to win the game in overtime. Lesson 2: (Perseverance) Perseverance is always a good trait to have, when times get hard don’t fold. This is the time you need to step up and dig deeper and find that inner strength to push through and be the victor in whatever endeavors you have on your plate. To be fair, both teams showed great determination and perseverance, but unfortunately, there can only be one winner in every sport.

All in all, always aspire for more, never settle, rise above pressure, look for more options to spread out your talents, time is never your friend, block out the noise of discouragement, and always think on your feet. These are a few traits you need to succeed in life. Next time you sit down to watch any kind of sport, look for these patterns because they are tantamount to everyday life lessons.

Go Hawks!!!

Side Line



On the side line I stand in shock as I watch the fall of human nature
Terrorized with immense fear
I hear men, women, and children cry in disarray
The enemy so malicious that it can take a human’s soul in just a matter of minutes
Ebola virus is the invisible enemy we face today
So merciless as it annihilate anything in its way

On the sidelines I stand as sweat drips down my forehead
I ask: “Is this it my Lord?”

On the sideline
I see man is on his hands and knees
Praying for the end of the wicked Ebola epidemic

On the sidelines I see pits of hell
Pulling lives to the devilish burning fires of Ebola

On the sidelines it dark and cold
As voices that once sang with vigor are no more
Faces that once blessed the face of earth with vibrant spirits, are no more

What now, you worthless Ebola?
Why do you terrorize humans?

On the sidelines, I refuse to remain terrorized
I will gather my strength and raise my fist till your are defeated
It’s only a matter of time, Ebola!
Soon you will be overcome like many other past epidemics

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